Sounding Off on the Lindsay Webb Conflict

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I felt the need to put this on my blog because of all the inaccurate reporting of the situation with Lindsay Webb having to step down from Treasurer of Lucas County. I am not a news reporter but as someone who is considered media I want to put the record straight in my opinion.

The Facts- Lindsay Webb was nominated for the spot, she accepted, it was later brought to her attention that a error was on her credit from a student loan making her credit unable to attain a bond, she resigned. She is someone that I would want in the spot (even though I am in Wood County and cannot vote for her), love her honesty may be looked at as a weakness but I respect her for putting it out there, oh and she is a Christian. {Jesus said, “And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.” (Mark 12:30a)}

The Lies-She knew about this prior to taking office, it’s a scandal, and so many other hateful things being said about her, her family and party she is connected to.

I took to Twitter after seeing a local new station/paper go live and say so many things that did not need to be said. My screen shots of how the conversation went are below. They would not respond to me, but others did. I think an error on her credit report should grant her the time to get it fixed. To the finger pointers I say this nobody is perfect if you dig you will always find dirt. We should be lifting one another up not tearing each other down.

Yes I also posted some of this on my personal face book and it has been a ongoing debate. I guess all I wanted to say is why is she (or those in political office) being held to higher/possible unrealistic standards? We live check to check. My credit is like 749 last I checked but it does have errors that I have not been able to fix that I did not know about. I feel many that hold office fall short including the current and past presidents in some way shape or form. 





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Going to end this by saying I love uplifting stories in our community and really hate to see the mud thrown at someone. I hope everyone can support one another. Never look down on someone unless you are lifting them up.

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Made My Own Head Board for $74.98

I like to think outside the box. So with being out of work and wanting to change from a plain solid oak bookcase head board (my husband always hated it) that took up about a foot I was able to actually mount this to the wall (my husband/son helped) 

While shopping at Kohl’s I spotted the 2 barn wood picture frames. They had all kinds of clips on them to hang photos. (they were a bit pricey $59.99 each but were on sale buy one get one 1/2 off. At the time of checkout I had a 30% off coupon, $26.72 in Kohl’s cash and a merchandise voucher for $4.86. My sales slip says it was $47.98. The burlap print in the middle was done on a machine for $15 and I purchased the frame for $12. So out of pocket I spent about $74.98. If you paid full price it would be $119.98 plus tax at Kohl’s, $15 for the burlap print, Plus however much for the frame in the middle approx $12=$146.98) I researched online and talked to many people to have a custom barn wood head board made the lowest was $150 and highest was about $3000 for head board, side rails, &  foot board. Umm no thank you.

First I took all the clips off both the frames. Next we took out the old head board. We measured both sides of the bed and hung each frame where we marked. I had a open space in the middle so I decided to switch the picture that I had above my dresser to the middle and the one above our bed above my dresser.

I know it is not perfect but we love it. What do you think? Also I just got the bedding for Christmas. I think it all flows so nice.

I’m Back

Hey y’all just wanted to give a quick shout out and say hello. The last month I have had some cardiac issues and have not been feeling 100%. I have been investing a bunch of time to start my own company 419 Life. It is unique things based on the 419. *Also specializing in custom items* I hope to be listing some of my items by the end of the month. It is all currently thru Facebook. I have changed our spare bedroom into a office (still in progress) I can make anything custom such as shirts signs or pottery. If you see my regular Facebook posts I am currently purging my home and trying to sell many items since I have been put on leave from my factory job. No job=unable to pay my bills. In the future I plan to attend craft shows and flea markets. Excited to be back posting for Life in the 419. It has also been a hard month because a close friends husband tragically passed away. My thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family. I am glad we have such a strong community in times like this to help.

Please pm me if you are looking for guest bloggers, hosts, to do a review or be at a event. My email is

Thanks for reading


Health issues/Sorry for the delay

So a quick update. Since this post I have had 2 additional trips to the er and 2 visits to my doctor. Hoping it all can be figured out. Will have to wear a monitor for 30 days then a stress test and a echo. Due to the extreme amount of standing and lifting for now I can no longer due my job at the Factory. On a positive note I am trying to start my own company called Life in the 419 from Grace Lane. Why? Grace Lane is my address. I will be making custom shirts, signs and many other items. Some will be 419 based. I can put pictures, quotes you name it on your items. Just asking for your prayers and support. Not been feeling 100%. For now I just have a Facebook page but hoping to have a website soon.