I’m Back

Hey y’all just wanted to give a quick shout out and say hello. The last month I have had some cardiac issues and have not been feeling 100%. I have been investing a bunch of time to start my own company 419 Life. It is unique things based on the 419. *Also specializing in custom items* I hope to be listing some of my items by the end of the month. It is all currently thru Facebook. I have changed our spare bedroom into a office (still in progress) I can make anything custom such as shirts signs or pottery. If you see my regular Facebook posts I am currently purging my home and trying to sell many items since I have been put on leave from my factory job. No job=unable to pay my bills. In the future I plan to attend craft shows and flea markets. Excited to be back posting for Life in the 419. It has also been a hard month because a close friends husband tragically passed away. My thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family. I am glad we have such a strong community in times like this to help.

Please pm me if you are looking for guest bloggers, hosts, to do a review or be at a event. My email is sara@lifeinthe419.com

Thanks for reading


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